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Project Feedback


Point. Click. Comment.

Giving feedback on design and development projects shouldn’t be confusing or time consuming. Our Feedback Tool makes it super easy for clients to review our design or development work with one click. Whether it’s tracking bugs or telling us to change/add content, you’ll find it’s a huge time saver! 


Pixallus Feedback Features

Website Feedback

Once your site is ready for review, you can provide feedback and changes anywhere directly on any page.

One Click Comments

Stop wasting time with long detailed emails describing your requirements. Simply click anywhere on any page and leave your comment directly on the page. Your comments can only be viewed by our team.

Works in Admin too

We will enable admin backend feedback for 30 days once you've taken over your site. Any questions you have about the admin dashboard can be asked via the same tool. After 30 days, you can post your questions in our free support forums.

Design Feedback

Version control, feedback, and change tracking design files can now be commented directly on top of the design.

From Any Device

Use our feedback tool while you're reviewing your site from a desktop, tablet, or phone. The app will tell us which device, browser, and screen size you used so that we can easily resolve any device issues.


Once you signed up for one of our design or development services, we'll complete your project and provide you with an access link with our Feedback App. Simply click the access link, provide your name, email, then leave comments anywhere, any page, from any device.

"Wow, we've cutout so much confusion using this feedback app!"